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AI Deterrence & Detection Solutions



AI Powered DnD Technology

Deterrence and Detection is the fundamentals of Wolfsbane AI. Our Voice technology offer a patent pending solution for Safeguarding your IP, Voice & Likeness Against AI Cloning and Deepfakes. Where Wolfsbane Detection and Sentinel offer the latest technology in deepfake detection.

Easy UI to Shield Against AI Cloning

This intuitive, self-serve online tool empowers artists, directors and producers to upload and safeguard their unique audio content before release. By processing tracks through Wolfsbane, your voice and music are protected against unauthorized AI clones and deepfakes.

Protecting Reputations

Actors and musicians are increasingly finding their voices and likenesses replicated without consent, leading to misrepresentation and potential damage to their personal and professional reputations. For musicians, unauthorized AI clones of their music not only dilute their unique artistic voice but also result in substantial revenue loss, as these AI-generated copies circumvent traditional rights and royalties systems. 


Leveraging our state-of-the-art AI model and encoding system, Wolfsbane AI delivers unparalleled protection.

Unmatched Audio Protection

Our cutting-edge process subtly alters your audio with undetectable changes to the human ear but inhibits AI cloning.

Invisible, Yet Infallible

As an artist, content creator, politician, public figure, director, or producer, your voice is your signature.

Artistic Integrity Preserved


AI Cloning is a Problem

In a world where digital replication technologies are advancing rapidly, Wolfsbane emerges as a critical tool. This innovative platform offers a robust solution to protect your unique vocal identity from unauthorized AI cloning and detect your likeness used in deepfakes.

Solution for Public Figures

Public figures face a unique threat in the digital age: unauthorized voice replication. AI voice cloning can distort public discourse and misrepresent intentions. Wolfsbane offers a proactive defense. Our technology subtly alters audio files, making them resistant to AI cloning, while preserving the natural quality for listeners. This means your speeches, announcements, and public communications remain authentically yours, impervious to misuse in deepfakes or misinformation campaigns.

Shield for Brands and Celebrities

Digital replication blurs lines between authenticity and imitation, brands and celebrities confront a pressing challenge: protecting their identity. The rise of sophisticated AI cloning technologies threatens public figures, risking brand dilution and reputational damage through unauthorized use. Wolfsbane emerges as a pivotal ally in this battle. Our pioneering solution employs advanced, AI-driven systems to shield vocal and detect cloning misuse.

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